Utilizing the skills of “Advertising Business” and “Interpreter / Translation Business”, we will make suggestions based on customer needs. By selecting local partner, suggesting sales strategy plan, conducting on site surveys.

We notify various risks in advance for entering the Middle Eastern countries, and at the same time we will provide smooth processing in cooperation with the local embassy and ministries and agencies.

TV Interview in Saudi

We carried out Private Japanese key station Asahi TV’s proposal for video shooting and negotiations in the Middle East. we coordinated everything from mosque visiting at the time of Ramadan period to the shooting of general households and government facilities.

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UAE life 2016

Our programme is called ‘Soudattanoka! Ikegami Akira’s Manaberu News’ (‘Got it! News to Learn by Akira Ikegami’). As one of the highest rated news-variety programmes on air, it is broadcast monthly on the national network of TV Asahi. 


Middle East 2017

Mr Akira Ikegami, a well-known journalist in Japan, is popular for simplifying complex affairs, and explaining them in a manner a broad audience can appreciate.

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