We advertise to the Middle Eastern countries through media for each product information and advertisement information that companies want to deploy online and offline. We will also respond to various local sales promotion, events and marketing.

Cultures factory consulting Record    

Mr. Hassan Kutbi

From the celebrities, Youtubers, newspapers, etc., we opted for the best client choice and negotiated various conditions at our company. In this case, we selected Mr. Hassan Kutbi, the most famous automobile reporter in the Middle East. We directly contacted him, got his permission to appear, took visa issuance and helped with the video shooting.

Shams Qamar

Mr. Shams Qamar, our director who is well-known in the Middle East, has also appeared and contributed to the topic of CM.

Who is he……?

Abdul Latif Jamir (ALJ)

With the increase of CMs, opportunities to be picked up by media are increasing one after another, and the largest trading company in the Middle East “Abdul Latif Jamir (ALJ)” expressed gratitude for advertisement publicity and invited us to the general meeting and asked for a presentation at the same time.

Cultures factory x Toyota

Working with Toyota company for advertising new hybrid cars for the Middle East region, our company helped with project planning, CM shooting, and bringing Arab famous Automobile journalist to demonstrate and share the new car’s detail to the Middle Easters audience. The movie exceeded 280,000 PV and the number of browsing is still increasing to this day.

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