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A Revival of the Popular Japanese Series Aizenborg in the Middle East
The First Saudi Arabian/ Japanese Joint Project for Tokusatsu (Special Effects Film)

Tsuburaya Production (Shibuya Ward, Tokyo), Mr. Jarrah Alforieh (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) and Cultures Factory Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo), produced a documentary film for the famous animated-series in the Middle East Aizenborg titled (The return of Aizenborg). The film was broadcasted in Spacetoon TV channel (limited for MENA region).
The aired version is a 30-minute edited version of the complete film. The full 60- minute version is planned to be released on a later date, made available digitally and/or on DVD.

EC site

Operating our EC site called “Cultures Souq” for the Middle East and we sell merchandise produced by our content business. We also have other products such as games, foods, cosmetic products, traditional Japanese crafts, etc.

TV Program Sales

We are doing business to localize Japanese old and new anime contents for Middle Eastern countries. Also we provide cooperative animation production between Japan and the Middle East, and broadcast Japanese TV programs in Middle Eastern media.

Producing programs and commercials that we would like to expand in the Middle East.


We advertise to the Middle Eastern countries through media for each product information and advertisement information that companies want to deploy online and offline. We will also respond to various local sales promotion, events and marketing.


We prepare necessary business text in the Middle East, and translate from Japanese to Arabic and vise versa. We have Arabic translation and interpreter experience of various contents. (EX: e-mails, business documents, food display,  Medical equipment)


Utilizing the skills of "Advertising Business" and "Interpreter / Translation Business", we will make suggestions based on customer needs. By selecting local partner, suggesting sales strategy plan, conducting on site surveys.

We notify various risks in advance for entering the Middle Eastern countries, and at the same time we will provide smooth processing in cooperation with the local embassy and ministries and agencies.


We have Halal plan for people from Middle East to have safe trip in Japan. For local cooperation, we offer a variety of training plans for people who want to do business in Japan or  to have workshops.