A Revival of the Popular Japanese Series Aizenborg in the Middle East The First Saudi Arabian/ Japanese Joint Project for Tokusatsu (Special Effects Film)



We have strong relationships between Japanese and Arab people and all our employees are not only exceeding in English but “Arabic“ as well. We will continue to work with the Middle East to contribute to a good relationship between Japan and the Middle East.

Company’s Philosophy

We aim of “Becoming a bridge that connects between Japan and Middle Eastern countries”. To that end, we plan on contributing to the development of the cultural areas for both countries by promoting Japan’s culture, technology and education with Arab’s resources, capital and human resources.


Our services, ① Content business, ② Public notice / Advertising business, ③ Consulting / Translation business We will support with the needs of the customers with the flexibility.

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Board Member

Greetings From The CEO

Cultures Factory's management philosophy is to "CREATE". And we aim to "create" new value from an already existing one. In recent years, the "distance" of the world is getting closer as technology develops. However, at the same time understanding of mutual culture has not yet been caught up, and various misunderstandings and troubles are born. We believe that comprehensive understanding of various categories such as history, ethnicity, and religion are necessary. Our company will help introduce the Japanese traditions and pop culture in a proper way that suits the Middle Eastern society while gathering experts who knows about the Middle East here in Japan. We are convinced that it will contribute to the innovation in both cultural areas by promoting cultural exchange with Middle Eastern countries. In addition to the activities above, we are also engaging in advertising agency efforts to deliver products of various corporations and individuals to Middle Eastern countries. So please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Product Planning Department Manager

Graduated from the University of Tsukuba First College History Department. He used to work at Hitachi Urban Development System Group, Itochu Marubeni Steel, Japan Platform Project in Palestine, and currently working for Cultures Factory Co., Ltd. Currently he’s the most followed Japanese celebrity in the Middle
East (with a follower number exceeding 90,000, and more than 1.9 million likes) an addition to that, he appeared in many media formats such as Saudi National Television, Al Jazeera, MBC, ARAB TIMES and others. He also participate in a
homepage called Life Hacker and write many articles about the Middle East in general and for Japanese business men to succeed in the Arab region. Finally, he Supervised and appeared in Toyota Motor Corporation Middle East area promotion

The International Sales Department Manager

He graduated from King Saud University College of Japanese Language andacquired Master degree of MOT from Nippon Institute of Technology. Whilemaking full use of his Japanese he worked for 6 years in the commercial section at
the Saudi Arabian Embassy in Japan. Utilizing his experience, he is working as aDirector of the International Sales Division of Cultures Factory Co., Ltd. as well asoperations and wide range of activities in the Middle East.
Also from the experiences of his Embassy's days, he still handles requests from the Embassy, coordinates domestic television stations, negotiates with local companies, translates business documents, animated films and movies.





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Our Clients


There are many Japanese companies that has only Japanese staff trying to connect Japan and the Middle East, or vise versa, but we have strong relationships between Japanese and Arab people and all our employees are not only exceeding in English but "Arabic“ as well which gives us and advantage when doing business. And this what sets us apart from other peers. We accumulate know-how through various requests from various countries in Japan and the Middle East, and the number of business partners also have been Increasing. We will continue to work with expensive Arab employees and Japanese who have long experience in the Middle East to contribute to a good relationship between Japan and the Middle East.

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Thank you very much for stopping in Cultures Factory booth in Hakaya Misk 2 event ,Riyadh Looking forward to see you again

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